Two years after

We have new addition to the family! Here is my baby sister doing the same pose and me looking after her…



Tap tap tap

I went outside today. When I came back, Lola was so mad at me. She was holding this long stick pointed towards me, as if she’s going to hit me. I don’t know why? 

Then a few barks later, Shayne arrived. She uttered words like “don’t go outside, Moja, it’s too dangerous!” *tap in the butt 1,2,3*

She said: You might get kidnapped and you will be gone forever! Do you want to be eaten by some strangers outside? Do not go out of our house, okay?!! You made me nervous!

I didn’t understand that much. 

Are they mad because I went outside? But I was just looking for Shayne… I missed her so much.

Moja the Brave One

It’s just a normal day. We’re going to the clinic.

Nothing could possibly go wrong, yeah? they said I’ll be undergoing a castration process. I don’t even know what that is. Does it mean more food for me?

Meet my doctor. He said the process would only take 30 minutes, it’s only the preparation that will take longer.

Hush, they said it won’t be painful.

They’re injecting something to stop my saliva before the operation. This will prevent me from choking, they said.

It kind of hurts, actually.

I am nervous, I feel so tense here. Doctor said it will take 15 minutes for the medicine to take effect. I keep looking at my human friends, finding comfort in their presence.

Isn’t that too much medications, doc? Okay okay, I trust you.

At this point they’re already shaving my hair down under, in preparation for the operation.

They’ve transferred me to the operation room. I’m unconscious here, dreaming about what’s for lunch later when I get home.

DUN DUN DUN. The operation is done. Just like that. I didn’t feel anything except for that time I vomited.

I can’t move properly after the operation; my whole body was numb. When we got home, I still have to wait for two to three hours before eating. You wouldn’t guess how happy I am for they served me big bone! It’s like a feast! I’m just so happy that the operation is now done.

Most important milestones of every puppy's life

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